March 22, 2018

Sleep Mode in Mac OS X

To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question. There are countless of articles all over the internet that debates the sleep versus shut down options. There are a lot of supporters for each side espousing the pros and cons of the two options. Things like it will be healthier for your Mac, it will preserve your battery even better, etc.


I personally think it is a simple matter of preference. I like the convenience so I just mainly put my MacBook Pro into sleep mode whenever I’m not using it and then waking it when I need to do something on my Mac. I want everything ready to go and I immediately see what I last worked on. If I stay within the city, I usually just put it to sleep before lugging it around, but if I go on a longer trip, say on a plane, I do shut it down.

The things to take away is that it’s up to you. Do what feels right  and what works for you. That’s why Apple gave you the option.

Sleep Mode in Mac OS X Lion

Speaking of options, there are several ways to put your Mac to sleep. Each one is just as effective as the others.

  1. For MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro owners, a simple closing of the lid will activate the sleep mode.
  2. If you have multiple log-in accounts on your Mac, simply log out from your current account and then click the Sleep icon when you see it at the login panel.
  3. A quick shortcut to immediately put your computer to sleep is a quick tap of either Option+Command+Eject or Control+Shift+Eject.
  4. A short press of the power button will yield a dialogue box that will give you options whether you want to Shut Down, Restart, or put the computer to Sleep. Click on Sleep.
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