April 23, 2018

SleepCycles Alarm (Review)

Waking up in the early hours does nobody any favors, especially in those winter months when it’s cold and dark outside.  The strange thing about SleepCycles Alarm is that its aim is to get you out of the cycle of waking up at the wrong time, by waking you up at the right time.  It wakes you up in a morning when you are sleeping lightly, so that your body gets used to waking up when it is the most beneficial to you, and not at strange times of night.

By using advanced software teamed with the Accelerometer in your iPhone, this App can detect when you are in a deep sleep and when you are in a light sleep.  The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock refrains from waking you up at the particular point that you are in the deeper cycles of sleep.  It is claimed to be harder to wake up and is less beneficial to your mood if you are woken up at the wrong time of your sleep cycle.

It works by, if for example you wish to wake up no later than 9am then the alarm will use a half an hour window to wake you up in.  The app will select a time in this window when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle.  The benefit of this is that you feel fully rested and refreshed.  The controls and functions are fairly straightforward and the alarm can be heard clearly and easily.

This app is ideal for anyone who struggles to wake up in a morning and has issues with tiredness.  I can’t vouch for the genuine effectiveness of the app, however it does seem to have a good placebo effect.  Whether this is backed by genuine results is not for me to say.  I do know of genuine cases where people with certain ailments have broken sleep due to pain.  The app has a graph that measures how and when the persons sleep is broken.  It has helped doctors and specialist staff work out better sleep routines and positions for the patient.   Further research and use in this direction is very promising for the future.  So if you suffer with pain through the night and are looking for the best positions to sleep in, ways to sleep or things to sleep on, then this app is going to help you.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock - Maciek Drejak Labs

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  1. Crystal says:

    Does this work if you sleep in the same bed with someone? Wouldn’t it also pick up their movements as well?

    • That’s a good question Christal, I will contact someone from SleepCycles and point them to the thread here. Hopefully they can answer. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Crystal,

    Here’s some information from our FAQ:

    “How well does Sleep Cycle work with 2 people sharing a bed?
    We have done a lot of testing in order to make Sleep Cycle work with two persons in bed. The short answer is: yes, Sleep Cycle works very well with two persons in bed. It could be a problem if the person using Sleep Cycle weighs much less than the other person but in normal circumstances it works very well.

    There are two cases regarding this issue:

    1) Sleep Cycle has a hard time detecting your movement.
    In this case the movement of the other person will not be registered at all so there really is no issue. Sleep Cycle will work in a mode that uses all movement detected for the sleep analysis.

    2) Sleep Cycle detects a lot of movement, from you AND the other person.
    In this case Sleep Cycle will adjust it’s algorithm to only register larger movements. The small movements fill be filtered. Since the other person is further away from the device these movements are smaller and will be filtered out.

    Our extensive testing show that this works well.”

    I hope this helps.

    Sleep Cycle Customer Care

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