April 26, 2018

Sneak Peak To New Mac OS Lion

Sneak Peak to Mac OS Lion

A brandnew Mac OS is on its way – the Mac OS Lion

We have walked with Apple through all cats – from panther to leopard to snow leopard actually – but we are not done. Recently Apple gave us a sneak peak at the new operating system for next year with the code name “Lion”. It seems that the Mac OS Lion has some pretty cool new features for all technique geeks and those who wanna be ;-).

Apple plans now the use of the popular Apps any developer and Apple offers in their store for their new Mac OS Lion as well. There are two advantages of this – first of all your apps stay up to date direcly connected to the App Store and additionally you can buy just those software functionality you need, e.g. Apple plans to offer the different applications of their iLife Suite seperately – so you can buy iPhoto, iDVD and iMovie – just those you definitely need (I for example have never launched Garage Band but I might need a closer look into it). This way software might get cheaper for the end user, who knows.

Here a sneak peak of Mac OS Lion at the App Store:

Mac OS Lion offers an app store

Another new feature which will be implemented into Mac OS Lion is the new “Mission Control” which lets you cluster your Apps together and integrate dashbord and desktop views. It seems that this cluster feature is similar to the photo grouping feature on the iPad. Maybe apple is converging its iOS from the iPad and the Mac OS.




Looking at the published new features at the “Back to the Mac” conference we can assume that there are some nice things which are coming but nothing revolutionary. When the new Mac OS Lion is released in Summer 2011 we will see which further new features we can expect.

There is an update available from the Lion already, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. You can find it here in the Mac App Store:
OS X Mountain Lion - Apple



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