April 21, 2018

Solar System for iPad (Review)

This book was created with the help of the author Marcus Chown, who takes you on a tour through the solar system and displays the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard.  The book has a lot of three dimensional images and a lot of information on the objects displayed.  This is not just a pretty 3D picture book.  It gives textual information movies, animations, pictures and very detailed facts with a basis in real science.  The book is interactive enough to keep it interesting and it even allows you to “take control” of the views from which you see these objects, which helps to keep the app immersive and allows you to see the amazing surface detail.  It also shows you the latest images we have from outer space, such as images from probes and astronauts.

Do you need to be an amateur astronomer to enjoy this book?

No, not really, but I am sure that amateur astronomers will find this book more interesting than most.  Solar System functions well, and is a good source of amusement.  To the creators’ downfall, they are probably going to have a hard time selling such a book to the masses, but the people who do purchase will not end up feeling ripped off.  There are far worse things you could spend your money on.

Solar System for iPad - Touch Press

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