April 26, 2018

Is Your Mac Talking To You? Speech On Mac

Yesterday I got an email from a nice lady asking for help because all of a sudden her Macbook was talking to her! Mac talking? I first thought she didn´t find out to turn off the volume and asked her to press F10 on her keyboard but I quickly got an email back from her telling me that was not the case. So now what? I asked for a screenshot because she said her Macbook was telling her “Folder” or other commands. I must admit that first I really had no clue what she meant. But then all of a sudden I realized that there was a function on the Mac which made the computer read the words out.

Speech on Mac recognition in your System Preferences

So if that happens to you here is how to get rid of Speech.

1. Open your applications folder

2. Launch your System Preferences

3. Click on “Speech”

System Preferences

4. Here is the window you should see by now, your “Speech” settings:

Make sure this is how your Speech settings look to make Alex (that´s the name of the computer voice) shut up 😉

Speech on Mac

Speech 2

I guess it’s a little irritating if the Mac all of a sudden starts talking to you. It’s definitely a great feature if you are disabled and have a hard time to see all you are doing. But for the most of us speech on Mac won’t be necessary unless you feel a little lonely while working on the computer or like the Alex voice of Speech ;-).

Let me know if that has happened to you or if you have other problems with Speech on Mac.

Please note: Speech on Mac is still available also in the new Mac OS, Mountain Lion but under Dictation and Speech.

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