April 26, 2018

Subscribe to different Calendars with iCalShare

iCal is one of the best applications I know to manage your meetings, birthdays, appointments. It is very easy and intuitive to handle and it works just fantastic with all the other applications. For example, if you get an email with a date in it you just use it to create an iCal event.

Sometimes it is even necessary to have different calendars included in your iCal. I for example have the German calendar with its holidays but I have subscribed to the American and New Zealand Calendar because I have some friends in the States and New Zealand. This makes it much easier for me to to learn about their holidays. But here in Germany for example we also have different times – based on the state – where school holidays start. Another handy thing to add to iCal so you know what’s going on.

But that’s not all – you can also share calendars with your friends and family members. For the sports fans here – it might be nice to subscribe to sport events calendars. To make this short – with over 3,500 different calendars you will find the one or other worth subscribing to.


Here is what you do to subscribe to an iCalShare calendar:

Go to iCalShare.com, choose a calendar from the different categories. Click on the download button:

Download a Calendar from iCalShare


Once you click on “Subscribe to Calendar” your iCal opens and adds the URL


Click subscribe and edit the options:


Done! You can also do that manually with calendars. Just go to Calendar –> Subscribe and add the address.

Easy to subscribe to calendars on iCalShare, isn’t it?

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  1. Does iCalshare still work? The Sign Up page isn’t working. Constantly saying the password field can’t be blank. Its been this way over a week and their support isn’t responding. Any thoughts? Would love to get an account on iCalshare.

    • Hi Josh,
      Yes, icalshare is still working, i just tried to open the website and that works just fine. I have the same problem though when I try to register. Actually, you don’t really need an account to subscribe to the different calendars. You can just go to the calendar you want and click the subscribe button.
      Hopefully they fix it soon.

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