April 21, 2018

How To Synchronize Mac And Windows Computers

Synchronize Mac and Windows Computers

All hardware on Mac also working on Windows – then I can easily synchronize Mac and Windows 😀

It took me a while to figure out what to do with my two so different computers – is hardware working on the Mac also working on the Windows computer? What do I do with my old hardware like my printer when I buy a Mac? I just want to mention a few questions or I would drive you here as insane as I got trying to figure out if I wanted a Mac or not. When I got my Mac the Windows 7 Laptop was just 6 months old and beside the fact that it would have been crazy to sell it (what do I do on holidays without a computer 😉 ) I was not really Mac-safe – means I couldn´t handle half of its programs and had a lot of Windows programs I wanted to keep.

Why I need to synchronize Mac and Windows

This is now nearly a year ago – I still have my Laptop but not because I work a lot on it anymore but because my husband needs it for his work sometimes and I don´t want him to spend hour by hour on the Mac because then I cannot do anything 😉 (kidding). Also, on the weekends when he is at home I usually get the Laptop out of its bag to do some of my work downstairs – it´s more entertaining to work on your website when the TV is running in the back 😉 – at least for me, some people work with music, I prefer the TV. My biggest problem doing this was – how do I get files I have worked on at the Laptop back on the Mac? How do I keep both systems up to date?

Mobile me is the answer but…

One answer was using MobileMe from Apple. It can be accessed online from wherever you are, you can up- and download data and you can get some more nice tools. But the problem is that this is not really cheap – it´s about 99€ per year which I find a little expensive just to exchange data between my Laptop and Mac Computer. The space on the virtual harddrive is beside that limited to 25 GB.

I slowly got my questions answered and I also figured out that the most external harddrives work on both – Mac and Windows computers. Yes, life can sometimes be easy. You get an external harddrive, I got the Samsung with 250 GB, and now I can put data I need on both computers and synchronize Mac and Windows easily. There are huge advantages. First of all – you don´t need to pay every year. Second – your computer harddrive is less full because you simply keep the files on your external drive and move with them between the computers, I have synchronized Mac and Windows and my hard drive gets less cluttered.

For me at least – this is definitely a comfortable and cheap solution and I can synchronize Mac and Windows easily.

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