April 26, 2018

SyncMate – A Program Which Helps You To Keep All Your Devices Up To Date

SyncMate – a program which helps you to keep all your devices up to date

Some months ago I´ve suggested that you should buy yourself an external hard drive if you have a Windows and a Mac Computer or if you want to keep your Mac computer and Windows up to date. Well, you can still do it this way or you can use one which is not much easier but also works on autopilot 🙂 Alex from SyncMate contacted me some weeks ago to ask if I would review their program here on my blog. Of course I would!

Not much criticism for SyncMate

I do not have much criticism. The only is that I couldn´t see on the first glance what the program really was. But once installed it was really easy to use. That´s of course the most important.

So here you see the program in action. I have my autosync set now and I know that I will enjoy that I do not have to carry my hard drive around to synchronize the data between my Mac and the Windows computer. I just love that I can now work upstairs and later downstairs without worrying where the newest data is.

So thumbs up, great program – but have a look yourself at the video.

How to use SyncMate and a review


Get SyncMate at the Mac App Store

SyncMate Plus - Eltima


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