May 23, 2018

Installing Fonts into the Font Book

The Mac OS Font Book Fonts are a fun and easy way to brush up your documents or images. If you are anything like me you most probably have 100s of fonts on your computer. On Windows computers this usually leads to a slower computer - on Mac OS this is not even confusing because you can simply … [Read more...]

Introducing the Font Book

We all know what fonts are - characters that appear in a certain stylistic pattern. Some of us, like me, tend to rely on pre-installed fonts like Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman, and never bother to look for or add more fonts to the system. However to individuals working in the design field … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks for Font Book

Font Book is great way to manage your fonts. Here are some ways that you can use your Font Book: 1. Add Fonts to your Font Book There are several ways that you can add your fonts into the system. You can either (a) select a File then drop down the menu to Add Fonts, (b) use the shortcut Command+O, … [Read more...]