April 23, 2018

iMovie: Adding Photos To Your iMovie Project

Adding photos in iMovie to your movie projects is one method on enhancing your video and making the content richer. Sometimes there isn’t enough footage or in the case of historical movies, there weren’t videos at only, only photos that could be scanned and converted into digital format. With … [Read more...]

iMovie Tutorial: Creating an iMovie Project

iMovie Project A Project is essentially the movie that you will be creating using the different tools and functions iMovie. The project is the workflow where you can modify any aspect of the movie. Once you are done with the tweaking, the project can then be exported to the video format that you … [Read more...]

iMovie Tutorial: Add Videos To Your iMovie Project

As the name implies, iMovie is primarily a video editing software. Yes, you may add image and audio files, but the main thing you will be working with is video.  Before you can actually begin mixing and matching content, the first thing you have to make sure is that all that videos that you will … [Read more...]

iMovie Tutorial: Edit Video Clips in iMovie

There so many iMovie editing tools that you can use to produce a fantastic looking film. In this iMovie Tutorial you learn about some of the basic editing functions that you can apply to your video clip. These are usually done on the clips that are already in the Project Editor. Using these tips … [Read more...]

iMovie Tutorial: Add Transitions To Your iMovie Project

iMovie Tutorial: Add Transitions to your Projects The key to making a good movie is to use creative ways of segueing to a scene and having fun with editing your home movie. iMovie has a plethora of Transitions that you can add to your project. Some of these include cross dissolving, wiping into … [Read more...]