May 23, 2018

The Time Capsule – A Review

If you are a Mac lover (which you probably are given you are reading this article), and you are looking for a good supplement for your Mac gadgets, then you should consider getting your hands on a Mac Time Capsule. Yep. You read that right. You can get a Time Capsule from Apple! No, this is … [Read more...]

Erasing A Time Capsule Disk

Erasing a Time Capsule disk Sometimes your Time Capsule gives you a hard time - the backup isn't accessible anymore, you have a user not working anymore. But, from my own experience I can say that not much is more important than having a backup of your own files. Imagine someone steals your … [Read more...]

Problems with Time Machine

Since over a year I'm a Time Machine user - set it and forget it is the slogan Apple uses for their Time Machine in combination with the Time Capsule and YES, that's right - I have set it up once and then forgot it. Therefore, yes, Time Machine is something I highly recommend - at least if you have … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Time Capsule On Mac

Backing up files is one of the things every computer user just has to do. No matter what you do on your computer you don't want your files to disappear after a hard drive failure or something even worse - such as a theft or fire. I know this is worst case but it can happen and Mac OS has something … [Read more...]

Do You Need The Time Capsule?

There is a fancy harddrive from Apple called "Time Capsule" - what is that? First of all it is from Apple and it definitely looks good :D But the second thing is that once configured you never ever need to care about backups anymore. These were firstly 2 good reasons for me to check that thingy … [Read more...]