May 23, 2018

Exclude Folders And Files From Time Machine

Whenever Time Machine backs up your data into the external hard drive, it defaults to saving copies of the entire contents of your Mac’s hard drive on the target disk drive. That’s okay if you are just working with a small amount of files. However, as your internal disk drive fills up, each backup … [Read more...]

Restoring Files and Folders From Time Machine

Named after H.G. Wells’ famous novel, Time Machine will allow you to turn back the clock and restore any files and folders of even your entire system to the way it was on a specific date. Here are the steps to restoring your data using Time Machine: 1. Make sure the backup disk that you use for … [Read more...]

Time Machine 101 – Mac OS X Time Machine

  Most of us consider backing up data as one of the most annoying things about owning a computer. Not only does it take time, but you have to be careful that the files don’t get jumbled up, that the latest version gets saved, or that northing gets lost in the process. It’s such as headache … [Read more...]

Problems with Time Machine

Since over a year I'm a Time Machine user - set it and forget it is the slogan Apple uses for their Time Machine in combination with the Time Capsule and YES, that's right - I have set it up once and then forgot it. Therefore, yes, Time Machine is something I highly recommend - at least if you have … [Read more...]