April 26, 2018

TextExpander – save time and effort writing emails and more

What Does TextExpander Do

TextExpander makes the user able to respond more quickly to emails and write documents quicker, as well as save type-writing time while ensuring the quality of text produced.

What Are Features of TextExpander

The Mac version of a popular software for PC, PhraseExpress, TextExpander improves productivity by transforming the written expressions you use most frequently to keyboard shortcuts.  Each piece of text to be reproduced is saved in its place by TextExpander via a key combination typed into the keyboard. 

Is TextExpander A Cause For Applause

It is handy for stuff that you type in on a regular basis like “Kind Regards” at the end of emails and endless other forms politeness, thus transforming a command like “CTRL + sal” into that phrase. If you often write bigger chunks of information that you would like to repeat it is handy.  Like if you are writing programming code and need to call certain functions as you write.  TextExpander saves you a lot of copy and paste time.

You can create custom commands and create groups and labels.

Not So Good Points

TextExpander is very complex at first.  It does not really do what the description above says it does.  TextExpander sets out to do those things, but is really just a way of short-cut writing small phrases and text.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

We have used them all on our Macs, as one person favours another version to the next.  We have used up to TextExpander three.  The Mac App TextExpander three has reviewed the application principals thoroughly and changed a few things.  The underlying principle is the same however the system preferences panel has disappeared in favour of an independent application.  Migration from version 2 to 3 takes place automatically and removing the old panel is made without any loss of shortcuts created.

The people who have learnt to use the app, who have memorized their command short cuts and use it every day will swear by this app.  Others can take it or leave it.

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

This depends on what you use your Mac for.  There is a great temptation to try the application a few times and then forget about it.  You do need to memorize the commands that you create so that you can use them.  There is the temptation to make many shortcuts, most of which you will forget and then have to look them up or not use them at all.

If you commit to using it, and keep it to the things that you type in more often then you should buy this.  If you repeatedly type in the same things on a daily basis, then the TextExpander is for you.  If you are just looking for a way to increase your rate of typing or are not on your Mac every day, then TextExpander is probably not for you.

You find TextExpander in the Mac App Store here:

TextExpander for Mac - SmileOnMyMac, LLC

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