April 23, 2018

The 5 Most Important New Features of OS X Mountain Lion

5 most important new features of os x mountain lionOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Apple’s newest incarnation of its ever popular operating system. Officially made to the public in July 2012, this long awaited successor to OS X Lion, is available for purchase at an affordable price $19.99. The great thing about OS X is that anybody who is familiar with the previous versions will find the upgrade easy to. That being said, OS X Mountain Lion still a plethora of new features that Mac users will enjoy. Some of them are minor updates, while others are totally new to the operating system. One thing that is definitely noticeable is that OS X Mountain Lion takes some cues from the Apple’s mobile operating system iOS. It looks like Apple is focusing on seamless connectivity between their devices, which is a welcome bonus for people who own several Apple products.


Those who spend hours typing on their Macs will definitely be overjoyed by the availability of the Dictation app in Mountain Lion. Since it is built-in, Dictation should be able to work within any software environment, especially productivity related apps. Using dictation should be simple enough. Just shift the cursor onto a text field, activate Dictation and you are good to go. Once you’re done talking, your dictation should be converted to text at the touch of a button.

Notification Center

After using Growl for years to centralize all the notifications and alerts, the built-in Notification Center is a much welcome and much needed addition to Mountain Lion.  Just like the notification system available in iOS, Notifcation Center will aggregate all these messages into a single system. Once you get an alert, the message will show by default on the upper right portion of your desktop. It will gradually disappear after a few seconds.

Power Nap

In the past, when you put your iMac or Macbook in sleep mode, it’s literally sleeping like a log. There is no activity going on whatsoever and your machine actually feels cold to the touch. While it’s a good thing to let the computer totally rest once it a while, it can be inconvenient if you have a lot of work coming in at night. Blame the need for constant connectivity if you must, but it is a really convenient feature. Power Nap will allow some applications to still run while the computer is on sleep mode. Emails will be downloaded, notes will be updated, software updated to latest version and backup will be made.


Gatekeeper ramps up the security on your computer. Whereas in the previous OS X version, all you need is an admin password to install an app, Gatekeeper actually involves setting up permissions based on the source of the app. You can authenticate the installation based on three modes: download and install from anywhere, only install from the Mac App Store, and the most restrictive option, only install from Mac App Store that have been verified with a developer signature.


iChat is no more. Messages behaves like a combination of iMessage and Facetime combined. This integrated messaging app will allow you to send instant messages or text messages and converse via video or audio with anybody with an iOS device or a computer that has OS X Mountain Lion installed.
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