April 23, 2018

The Adventure Game Age of Wind 2 (iPad Game Review)

With Age of Wind 2 you are able to escape for a little while and live exciting adventures sailing a brand new galleon.  Age of Wind 2 propels you into the heart of the action from the start.  Besieged on all sides by enemy ships, you have to fight tooth and nail to stay alive and to learn the controls.  You are left for dead and collected and given a new ship, and by extension, the ability to return to sail the oceans with quests to complete and revenge to be taken.

 Age of Wind – An Adventure Game

Age of Wind 2 is an adventure and exploration game, incorporating some elements of RPG.  It puts you in the shoes of a captain in what appears to be the Caribbean Sea, in the Middle Ages.  Throughout the adventure, you get to accomplish missions of increasing importance, at the same time experiencing more and more danger.Age of Wind 2
In gaming terms there are several major phases which can be distinguished. The first to which you are confronted is fighting.  Confined to a sort of arena, these phases begin when you meet a hostile ship.  You must then, very simply, eliminate the threat while avoiding getting hit. Relatively simple tactics are all that are needed to manage recharge timing cannons, dodging the crossfire and using enemy movements and recharge times to your advantage to destroy the enemy’s ships.  Going through these several phases can also earn you experience to improve ship performance.

The other phases are very important and occur during stops in port.  Once ashore you can improve the boat with the money earned (better weapons, better hulls, etc), or even, buy a new ship.  But that’s not all because it is where we pick up new missions, sell the fruit of rapine or legal trade.   The last phase and the simplest, involves the exploration of the ocean. From browsing the waters, you discover new lands, new ports and new adversaries.

All in all, by cleverly mixing genres, Age of Wind 2 offers a complete and rich gaming experience.

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