April 23, 2018

The iPhone 5 – A Review

The iPhone 5. The latest model from the line of amazing Apple smartphones has finally arrived at long last.

For all you iPhone fanatics out there, the release of the iPhone 5 is just like receiving your Christmas gift early. However, the big question is: Is the iPhone 5 truly worth all the hype?

Well, in my personal opinion, the answer to this lies within the user. After all, different people have different uses for the iPhone, so it is only natural that it is judged in different ways and receives different ratings and reviews.

Let me just go on ahead and add my little review to the huge mix already available out there. Ahem.

I know that with the tons of features that the iPhone 5 has, it is impossible to get every single thing in a short article. Therefore, I just want to throw out a disclaimer and state that I will only focus on what I personally consider to be the main things to talk about the iPhone 5.

These things are:


  • The new iPhone 5 is now lighter (by about 20%, I’m told) and thinner as well. This poses an increased risk of dropping, sadly.
  • It looks taller because of the larger screen, and it is sleeker as well
  • However, I have found that this particular design is quite easily scratched. ( A total let down)
  • More advanced antenna for a better signal
  • The earphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the device. I have yet to decide if I like this or not.
  • New Lightning port connector that is smaller and thinner.


  • There is now a larger 4 inch screen. Whether you like it or not depends on what you use the device for. The larger screen actually makes it difficult for my thumb to reach all the corners. But that’s just me.
  • Apple has brought the display as close to the front glass as possible. This makes the screen brighter and sharper. This is of course, a plus. However, to be honest, I don’t consider this a revolutionary sort of change.


  • This is probably the most controversial issue with the iPhone 5 today.
  • To be honest, I find the new Apple Maps to be absolutely horrid when it comes to actually giving directions. This is especially when compared to the wonderful Google Maps.
  • However, I feel that an attempt to develop this sort of program is a good idea on Apple’s part. Though admittedly, it does need a lot of work.


In conclusion, to be completely honest, I feel that while the iPhone 5 is quite a good device to have, it decidedly does not offer a whole lot to the existing iPhone user market.

To be sure, if you own a much older iPhone model – say the iPhone 2 – or a very simple mobile device and then switch to the iPhone 5, you will be pleasantly surprised.

However, that is simply my personal view on things. One thing that I will say though, is that the iPhone 5 certainly is a good product from Apple once again, and can prove why Apple is still pretty much on top of the smartphone industry today.

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