April 23, 2018

The iTunes Interface Overview (Video)

The iTunes Interface

Get a first impression of the iTunes Interface

Why the iTunes interface is powerful

With every new version iTunes gets more powerful. Now, with its new version available, it turned into a real media center, which does not just collect your music, sorts it, creates playlists and smart playlists but also synchronizes your iPod and more.

Also, you can purchase from the iTunes store just out of the iTunes library and again can sort your music in playlists, smart playlists, by artist and so much more. Additionally, it also handles your App purchases for iPhone and iPad. If you are an Podcast fan like me iTunes will even handle those for you and download new episodes straight to your library. Also iTunes is well integrated into the other programs in the iLife suite – e.g. iPhoto allows you to access your music and play it while looking at your pictures. I can’t think of any further feature iTunes needs to satisfy your needs. The best of all is – it’s free. But have a look at the video for more details on the iTunes interface.
I’ve already created a video on how to burn CDs with iTunes from a playlist. Today I want to give you an overview of the iTunes interface. Learn how to sort, rate, view and enjoy your music.

In the following tutorial you learn more about the iTunes interface, how to sort your music, and what all the different options mean.


As you can see the iTunes interface is very easy to use with a little introduction. I first felt really overwhelmed with all the possibilities but once you take a bit time and click around the iTunes interface is logical and easy to use.

If you want to learn more about the iTunes interface check out the tutorial about smart playlists and learn how to create playlists to burn them on CD.



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