March 22, 2018

The Mac Buyer’s Guide – Collected Rumors For The Right Decision

the mac buyers guideIt seems to happen whenever I try to buy myself a new gadget – I debate with myself if I should buy it or not, if I really need it or not. Then I finally get it, carry it home from the store, proud and very willing to use it – just to find in the newest Mac Magazine that a new iPod, iPhone or whatever is just ready to be released soon. Of course, more often than not the newest features are not a real need so I am fine with the “old version”.

Last year, when I found the Mac Buyer’s Guide I knew I would be smarter. I would check it out before I get my new Macbook Pro – and so did I. I got the newest version but didn’t knew that there was not just one Macbook Pro but also different models to be released – early 2011, mid 2011 and late 2011. Of course, the latest two versions would have the newest Mac OS X, Lion at these days, included. Right – my Lion version was “just” an upgrade and to me it felt like I had more trouble than others. Still, I must say that today I’m really happy with the Macbook – especially since it runs stable under Mountain Lion.

So why am I telling you this?

I just want to say – Check out the Mac Buyer’s Guide when you get something new.

If you are thinking of buying a new Mac computer this is the site to go to. You find all Mac products there, listed by the last update. They list wether you should buy right now or wait and tell you which rumors are going on. For example my mum and I bought the Mac Book Pro on the 28th September – sad for us that people from the 1st October just receive the iLife update 🙁 If I had known that there was an update coming out I had waited these two days. Be sure to include into your thoughts also updates of new software. Be sure if we had known that we would have waited these two days – would have saved us about 40 €.  So be smart and have a look at the Mac Buyer’s Guide here before you start buying.

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