April 26, 2018

The New Mac App Store – Revolution Or Observation?

The Mac App store – a revolution?

Update to get access to the Mac App store

This morning I read my feed subscriptions (as I usually do with the morning coffee) and found out that Apple opened its Mac App Store today! I kept refreshing the page and finally around lunch time it was launched. If you cannot access it you have most probably not Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.6 installed. But you can easily do so – just click on your apple in the top left corner of your computer screen and click on “software update” – there you go, it will find an update for you which you need to install. You also need to restart your computer. But once done you’ll have a new icon in your dock – the A for the Mac Apple store:

Mac Dock with Apple Mac Store Icon

The first impression of the Mac App store

When you launch it the first time you need to sign in with your Apple ID and password to make your purchases. But what you see is really impressive, Apple starts with a good amount of already available applications, some are free to use, others cost some Dollars. They have even added their iWork suite, you can now get each program seperately. You can also find iLife there.

The Mac App Store

What I really like is that the Mac App Store allows you to download all your purchased items over and over again, for example when you get a new computer or need to reinstall yours. You don’t need to run around and try to find all your CDs and DVDs to install the programs again – and even worse if you don’t have the serial close to your installation CD – also, the Mac App Store notifies you of updates, another thing I really like.

My concern is though that immediately after launching the application Apple knew which programs I had already installed on my computer, for example Pages, Numbers and Keynote from the iWork suite already show up as installed. Actually it´s not a big thing but I´d love to be asked if I want these things included in the list.

I had to get an App though to try it out 😀 so I got the miniRadio which is available from a 3rd party in German and English.


Give it a try! I think it´s really a little revolution, a new and innovative way to get programs – I love the fact that the program is available right after I click the installation button. As so often on the internet the security question is a point to mention though. Beside that – you’ll get also a good amount of FREE applications in the Mac App Store, which are fun to try out 🙂

Check out the Mac App Store here

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