April 23, 2018

How to Workout the Time Zones in iCal

On a daily basis you may work with people from other countries or states in different time zones. It can be confusing when you are trying to figure the times, especially when you have to make appointments, schedule meetings and phone calls. To resolve this time zone confusion, you will need to use iCal’s time zone support. This feature allows you to add and manage time zones.

The following step-by-step instructions will guide you to work out the proper time zones in iCal, so you can schedule your iCal events at the right time.

  1. Open iCal
    1. First you will need open iCal from your Applicationsfolder, as illustrated in the following image.time zones in ical
  1. Turn on Time Zone Support
    1. Once your iCal application is opened, click the iCal menu, located at the top left corner of your iCal application.
    2. Now select Preferences.
      1. A dialog box will appear.

time zones in ical

    1. Now click on the Advanced tab and check the Turn on time zone support check box.

time zones in ical

When your time zone support is enabled in Preferences, you should be able to see your current time zone in iCal. This is located at the top right of your iCal application, as illustrated in the following image.

time zones in ical

  1. Adding Time Zones
    1. Click on the time zone drop down menu in the top right. Click on it, then select other.

time zones in ical

      1. The time zone dialog box will appear. It should look like the image below.time zones in ical
      1. To add a time zone, click on the location of your city on the map.
      2. Then, select your city from the Closest city drop down box.


  1. Adding a Time Zone Example
  1. In this example, Caracas-Venezuela time zone will be added.


Note: Once you add a time zone, you are unable to remove it in iCal, you will need to remove it from the command line. However, you can disable the time zone in Preferences.

    1. Click on South America (located below the United States).
    2. Then click on the Closest city drop down box, then choose Caracas-Venezuela for the city. Now click OK.
      1. The VET – Venezuela time zone is now added.
    3. Click on the time zone menu to see the time zone you added. It should have an additional time zone.time zones in ical
  1. Work out Time Zones

You can work out times for your events by selecting the time zone in your time zone menu. Just switch the time zones to see the time difference. The following images are examples of the same event in different time zones. If you notice, there is only a 30-minute time difference.

Eastern Time Zone – Venezuela Time Zone

time zones in ical

In Conclusion 

In time zones, 30 minutes is a not a big difference, but it does make a difference when you have meetings, deadlines and appointments to meet. Therefore, it is essential to work out time zones for events occurring in different countries or states with different time zones.

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