April 26, 2018

5 Essential Tips for iCal

iCal may seem like a simple calendar to record events and create to do lists, but it is more than that. It is capable of managing and organizing your time and tasks more efficiently. It allows you to accomplish your tasks faster with keyboard shortcuts, it allows you to use Automator for quickly manage your tasks, and you can set alarms for your tasks, send email reminders to your mobile phone, and print reminders.

1. Accomplish Tasks Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts


Using keyboard shortcuts in iCal will allow you to accomplish your tasks faster. You do not need to use the iCal menu; instead you will use a combination of keys to accomplish your task. There is a list of keyboard shortcuts in the Help center. You can access this list by going the Help menu, and select Keyboard Shortcuts. You will see the list of keyboard options, along with their descriptions.

2. Manage Events and To do Lists Quickly with Automator 

Automator allows you to create events and to do lists without opening iCal. You can set up Automator to do this in a single action. However, you would need to create two apps, one for your events and the other for the to do list. You will need to use the Workflows option in Automator. Use the Create the iCal Events from anywhere tutorial as a guide.



3. Set Alarms/Alerts for Your Events and To do Lists

Setting alarms or alerts reminds you when to accomplish a task. Alarms in iCal can be a message, a message with sound, an email, opening a file or a script. You can set an alert for your event or to dos using these alert options in iCal. To create an alert, just double click your event or to do, then click the Alert option in the dialog box, then choose your option for your alarm or alert.

Note: Alarms are also called alerts, depending on your version of iCal.


4. Send Email Reminders/To do List to Your mobile phone


Conveniently, you can send iCal email reminders to your mobile phone with the Address application that you have on your mac. If your mobile phone allows you to receive messages, then you can use the email notification feature to send an alert to your phone. Use the Sending an iCal Email Reminder to a Mobile Phone instructional guide to set up the email notification feature.


Note: Reminders are also called to dos, depending on your version of iCal.


5. Print Reminders/ To do list

Sometimes a hard copy version of your to do list will help you accomplish your task faster. To print the to do list, go to the File menu and then click on Print. The print dialog box will appear with various options. Click on the View drop down box and select List. Then in the Options section, check Reminders.



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