April 20, 2018

Tips for Making the Most out of Calculator

I’m sure you do know that there is a Calculator app included in your OS X Lion. Chances are you have only used it for some simple addition and subtraction or maybe not all. After all, you can do the things in a spreadsheet or even the calculator of your mobile phone. Or even use an actual calculator, which I haven’t really done in years.

Don’t be deceived by the look of Calculator. It might look like your typical calculator but it does hide a multitude of functions and features. I was so surprised when I found out about them. I never really new that you could perform complex calculations using this app.


Here are some tips and trick to make the most out of your Calculator:

  1. Change Mode – Calculator can change it’s mode depending on how complex you want it to be. Once you have the Calculator app open, press Command+1 to view it in basic mode, Command+2 for advanced mode and Command+3 for the programmer mode.
  2. Print A Tape – Remember those adding machines fitted with the big rolls of paper and each entry is logged on that paper? Well, you can duplicate that if necessary using your Calculator. To see the record of the computation just select Print Tape from the File toolbar or press Command+P. You can either print it out using your printer or you can save it as a PDF file.
  3. Use Spotlight – To make it more efficient, if you are only doing a couple of calculations, there is no need to launch Calculator. All you have to do is type in the equation in Spotlight and it will show you the answer. Command+Spacebar will launch Spotlight and just fill in the field with the equation. It will show the answer via calculator.
  4. Convert Units – Can’t remember the formula from inches to centimeters? Calculator can convert those for you. Simply punch in the figure that you have, click Convert on the menu toolbar and choose which category you want, from Area to Volume to Currency, etc. Once you have chosen, a dialogue pane will open and you can choose the beginning unit and then the end unit after convertion. Just press OK and the converted figure will appear in Calculator’s display panel.
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