April 23, 2018

Tips to give you a head start with Pages

Pages Tip 1

Practice using the pages program.  Create more inspectors for the “View” menu  using “New Inspector”, because the size of the inspector you have is sometimes too small to contain all the options for a subject.

Pages Tip 2

Immediately add the toolbar icons management objects: Front, Back, Group, Ungroup, while the small icon to take. You’ll save time.

Pages Tip 3

Memorise These:
Shift + Apple + L to display frames.
Shift + Apple + I to display invisible characters (page breaks, etc.).
Shift + Apple + T to display the drawer style.
Alt + apple + P to display the slide thumbnails of pages.
Once these four shortcuts memorized, need the “View” menu from which a large time savings.

Pages Tip 4

The Information “Section” is not in “Document”.  Information “Sections” are not in “Document” icon, but in “Columns” of the inspector, with the menu “disposition”.  This is the icon that is misleading, and this is where we find the dialling options page (“foliation”).  Options footnotes page “Footnotes” are included in “Document”.  A beautiful mixture between two locations, hence the importance of having two inspectors open at once.  In the Inspector, the icons “Document” and “Section” are active on a blue background.

Get Pages from the Mac App Store here:

Pages - Apple



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