April 21, 2018

Roxio Toast 11 – your program to burn CDs/DVDs on your Mac

Roxio Toast 11 – burns everything.

Your Mac can already burn a music CD or a MP3 right out of your iTunes. But what about larger projects? Other formats? Or copies of your non-protected movie DVDs? Is it worth to buy another burn program?

As a former Windows user I’m used to buying different programs – from cleaning and tuning programs to Anti-Virus software and Nero as a burn program. I’m used to spending money on software. Since I have a Mac computer there is really not much I need to buy anymore. There is the one or other little program I buy from the App Store because it makes my life a bit easier (or I think it could) but really, there is not much I really need because most of the programs are already implemented in my Mac OS.

Sell New - Roxio Toast 11

So why do I need a burn program like Roxio Toast 11?

Actually you don’t really need it if you just burn the one or other music CD or DVD or if you burn photos from iPhoto on a DVD – all this can be done with Apple’s own already in-built applications. Even movies can be directly burned on DVD with the help of iDVD. But if you want to create copies of your new DVD (which is hopefully not protected) or if you want to burn recover damaged disks Roxio has created a suite with Toast 11 that can do exactly that for you.

Another feature I personally like is that you can copy large DVDs to the single layer DVDs – which is much less expensive. Mostly if you make a copy of the movie you do not need the extra material like trailers or 10 different languages. So this is a great feature.

Toast also allows you to import large movies from your camcorder and edit them in their program right before you burn it to a disk. The program also handles a lot of different disk formats when you convert or burn.

But one feature I like most is just implemented into the new Toast 11 – it allows me to capture any streaming Internet audio without beeps or system sounds from other applications. The built-in Music ID automatically adds artist and title tags to synchronize easily with iTunes. You can also do the same with video – e.g. capture a video from YouTube and burn it on DVD to watch it later. With that feature you can, for example, collect trainings videos for something you like to learn from YouTube and watch them later on the big screen on TV – pretty cool.

There are many more features implemented in Roxio Toast 11 – nearly impossible to feature them all here, I just wanted to give you an overview why it was worth for me to buy the program.

Grab your copy of Roxio Toast 11 here

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