April 26, 2018

Taking Out The Trash

Most computer users, whether Windows or Mac users, are quite familiar with the trash icon. The trash is the receptacle for all the files that were deleted from the drive. These files are stored in the trash receptacle until the folder is emptied, deleting these files from your hard drive. If the files are still in the trash folder, it can still be restored as part of your computer files.

To send a file to the trash folder, two finger tap the file and select delete. You can also use the shortcut Command+Delete. Once the file is in trash and you decided to keep it instead, you can open the trash folder, click File and then select Put Back. You may also just drag the file out from the trash folder to the destination of your choice.

Mind you, files in the trash folder still take up space. Your disk space can only be freed if you empty your trash. You can do that in several ways. The quickest way to do it is to two finger tap or Control-click the trash icon and select empty. You can also open up Finder and click empty trash or use the shortcut Shift-Command-Delete.

Some of the files that you will be emptying might be secured. Press the option key while emptying the trash to allow these files to be deleted.

Emptying the trash does not mean that it is impossible to recover them. Some third party applications function as a recovery tool. The data can be recovered until the empty space is overwritten with a new set of data. If you are working with sensitive documents, this can be a concern. It is better that you securely empty your trash. Secure Empty overwrites the deleted files several times so that it is more difficult to recover those deleted files. To empty your trash securely, open the trash folder and click the secure empty button. This is will take a bit longer than the usual mode of emptying your trash.

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