April 21, 2018

Travel Decalgirl Macbook Skins for your MacBook Pro

4 Awesome Travel Decalgirl Macbook Skins for Your Mac Laptop

The cool thing about laptop skins is that they come in a bevvy of designs and styles making them not only a nice self-gift but a clever and fun gift in general. Just as you can dress up and decorate your iPhone or iPad, so too can you dress up and decorate your Mac laptop with the Decalgirl Macbook Skin.

If you’re a travel buff and a Mac geek, one such way is via travel related laptop skins. Below we highlight and profile four different travel Decalgirl Macbook skins for the travel geeks among us.

4 Awesome Decalgirl Travel Macbook Skins for Your Mac Laptop

1. Keep Calm and Carry On Decalgirl Macbook Skin

The popular quote from British acclaim makes for a great design on many surfaces including the Mac. This one is bright and colorful with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” motto front and center for all to see. We found this laptop skin online via Decal Girl for less than twenty bucks and is great for British enthusiasts or for those who simply believe in the motto or love the design.

Have a look here to find the Keep Calm and Carry On Mac Skin

2. Renoir Decalgirl Macbook Skin

One of Renoir’s most famous paintings “Boating on the Seine” can now grace your Mac laptop via this clever and brilliant skin. It depicts the popular painting of two ladies boating and makes for a great artsy gift idea for the Renoir fan in your life.

Have a look at the Renoir Mac Skin here

2. Statue Of Liberty Decalgirl Macbook Skin

Recognized as the symbol of freedom the world over, this Statue of Liberty mac skin will light up any room with the majestic lady that we all know and love. Great way to showcase your American pride and let the world know your heritage and your love of country.

Have a look at the Statue Of Liberty Mac Skin here



4. Beach Decalgirl Macbook Skin

We saved the best for last and that is the beach Mac laptop skin which features a design of breezy Palm Trees and a white sandy beach with crisp blue water and an even bluer sky. If you’re a beach bum or aspire to be one, this is the Mac skin for you. We found it online via Decal girl for less than twenty bucks.

You can find the Beach Mac Skin here

There are tons of cool Decalgirl Macbook skins to choose from and if you go to Decalgirl.com  you’ll be greeted with tons of results.

DecalGirl.com - Personalize Your World!

Which one did you like best? Tell us below in the feedback area.

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