April 21, 2018

Tumult Hype – Review of an easy-to-use web design program

Are you dreaming of your own website but have no idea how to code it? Or do you have a basic understanding of HTML but want something fancy, easy to use without coding? Then Tumult Hype will help you to create your own interactive HTML 5 animations – from websites to invitation cards and even teaching material can be created with Tumult Hype.

As you may know, when I do a review I try to not dig into the program before and show you the results but try to use it from the point of a first-time-user so you can see if you can use the program easily or if you will have a hard time to understand the program and its functions.


  • Simple, easy to use, reminds me at Pages (Apple’s own text editing program)
  • no coding required
  • first-time-users can quickly create first results
  • you can create content for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, etc.


  • There are programs on the market or will soon such as Adobe Edge with more functionality
  • understanding to create animations will cost a bit more time

Tumult Hype – a first time user experience review

This Tumult Hype video review is recorded in HD quality – please feel free to click on the video for a bigger screen.

Once you have gained a bit experience with the program great animations are possible – I picked one example from the Tumult Hype gallery and this project definitely stands out for me. The designer has animated the graphics and when you click on them you get some information about the different planets.

Here the website created with Tumult Hype:

Tumult Hype for great animations

 And here what you see when you click on one of the planets, in this case “Mars”

Tumult Hype for great animations

Who should get this Tumult Hype?

Tumult Hype is perfect for all people who like to create websites or animations without worrying about coding. HTML 5 is the future in web design and may displace Flash one day. You can even design iPhone and iPad – or in general mobile-ready – applications. So if you want to try your fingers on web design, this program is for you.

If you are a more experienced web designer you might find this program limited.

Get it from the Mac App Store here:

Hype - Tumult

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