April 21, 2018

Tune Up For iTunes To Sort Your Music Library

Tune Up for iTunes

What is Tune Up for iTunes?

Do you have a huge music collection? I do. After putting all together from my old computer and all burned and bought CDs I have about 20 GB of music OMGH – and as you can imagine it’s not a well sorted nice collection where I just click and I can find each and every song I want 🙁

It´s messy – I miss covers, I miss titles, I miss author names – oh well… By mistake (while surfing the web) I stumbled over a plugin and first I really couldn´t trust my eyes – this plugin “Tune Up” is for iTunes and it  cleans up my whole collection without me doing anything 😀

To make a great thing short – I got it 😀 and asked Tune Up to sort my nearly 4000 music titles LOL and it did – it took quiet a while but once it was done I just clicked the save button and my whole mess was a well sorted music collection!

What I did – I have selected the whole music collection with CMD + A and just pulled it into the area of Tune up. It started immediately to clean it up 🙂 After it was done I just had to hit the Save All button (where you see the red stroke) and I was done. Of course you can check your albums before saving but Tune Up does such a good job that I checked some and saw all was fine – so I trusted the program and saved it.

Conclusion for Tune Up:

You need to know a bit about iTunes. If you need to learn a bit about iTunes check out the video tutorials – introduction to the iTunes interface, Smart Playlists and Make Playlists in iTunes.

Because this saves you hours and hours of work the money is well invested. You can save additional 15% when you click here and you can choose between a one-year license and a lifetime one.

Tune up cleans your iTunes music collection


Go here to try out Tune Up for free




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