April 21, 2018

iPhoto Course (3): Understanding Events in iPhoto

Raise your hand if you are under the impression that “Events” in iPhoto is such a puzzling thing. Try as you might to grasp the rudiments of this feature, still you find yourself wandering in darkness. Now, you can put that hand down because we are going to let you understand Events.

There is a common misconception that iPhoto is very difficult to use owing to the fact that users, especially newbies, find Events and Albums confusing. To help you get the drift of this particular aspect in iPhoto, let us try to draw distinctions between an Event and an Album first and foremost.

At a first glance, you probably think that both Events and Albums are interchangeable or alike, well, not really. The distinguishing factor between the two is their MAIN FUNCTION such that:

Event – is considered the first-line in the structural level of organizing your photos as iPhoto organizes your imports into event as a default.

Album – is the more detailed classification which users make to sort the photos in Event/s.

Here are other distinctive features of the two:

Events – are automatically generated by iPhoto according to the time and date the pictures were taken. Thus, setting your camera’s time and date is very crucial in iPhoto. If your camera’s time and date was not properly set-up, don’t worry there is a way to change them in iPhoto (this will be discussed on a separate article) but correcting date and time would be quite burdensome if you are working on tight schedule.

Albums – are manually created by users based on their personal preference.

Events – photos in Events are produced as a result of importing photos from your camera, disk drive, mobile device or e-mail

Albums – photos in Albums are collection of photos taken from Events

Events – photos in Events are stored in your computer’s hard drive. When you delete a whole Event or even a photo contained in an Event, they are permanently gone as if you have discarded them.

Albums – do not really contain photos. What you see in Albums are just representation of photos from Events such that they are presented according to how you have organized them. If you delete a photo from an Album, the photo will not be seen in the Album but remains in your Events.

To illustrate the difference between an Events and an Album, take a look at the picture below.

events in iPhoto

For example, one day you’ve been to two parties, an art exhibit and had quick a trip to the museum.

If you try to import the photos from your camera, iPhoto will automatically create a single Event since all these happened in a day. Let’s say you labeled the Event as Summer 2012. To further organize these photos, you can create 3 or 4 separate albums such as Anna’s 7th Birthday, Paul’s Bon Voyage Lunch, City Scapes Art and Trip to Heritage Museum.

Here, the whole drawer stands for the Event which is Summer 2012 and those rounded containers or tin cans for the Albums you just created (pretend that there are only 4 containers). While you are not compelled to make the albums, leaving them as is would be similar to throwing those paperclips, rubber bands, pushpins, etc, all over the drawer.  It would be difficult for you to find photos in a cluttered Event in case you are looking for just couple of specific photos. Hence, it is more beneficial to segregate your photos for easy reference as much as it is easier to search for  a red paper clip in an organized drawer.

Now that you know the difference between an Event and an Album, you’re ready for the next phase – Working on Events.

How Events Are Created

As mentioned earlier, iPhoto automatically creates an event every time you import pictures. Alternatively, users can also opt to manually add an event by creating a new one.

events in iPhoto

To do this: go to the Events Menu in iPhoto and then from the dropdown, select Create Event. From here you can move or add photos to be included in the Event you just created.

Merging Events

In instances when you would want to combine events into one single event. All you have to do is is highlight the two events you would want to merge and then click on the Events Menu. Select “Merge Events” and a dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm your action.

Another way to Merge Events is to simply drag one event into another event.

Again, a dialogue box will ask you to confirm the same.

Splitting Events

Opposite to Merging Events, iPhoto also provides a provision to break or separate events.

events in iPhoto


Start by going to the event you would like to split, from there choose the first photo you would want to set apart for the new Event  then go to Events Menu and click on Split Event. All subsequent photos beginning on the first photo you selected will now belong to the new Event.

Stay tuned for more exciting iPhoto tips!

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