April 21, 2018

Update To iLife 11 In Quick Easy Step By Step – iPhoto

Update to iLife 11?

Is it necessary to update to iLife 11?

I know many people say that it’s not absolutely necessary to update to iLife 11 – it seems Apple hasn’t included any major updates – but then – what actually are you missing in iLife 10? This suite is absolutely gorgous and gives you all the things to your hand you need to bring your photos and movies to DVD or to make some other nice things with them – including photobooks, slideshows, cards and calendars. I must say I was hesitating myself, this is why I didn´t buy it when it first came out. Another reason were some forum entries I read where people said that after the update to iLife ’11 photos and albums were gone – OMGH, I didn´t want to risk that. Ok, then, my husband gave me this as a present – so I had to update (good reason, isn’t it?). And I must say – everything went smooth, no problems, no lost albums, no lost pictures – all fine. Beside that I could go back at any time. I have a backup of my photos on the Time Capsule and therefore I had no real risk trying it.

Update to iLife ’11 – in pictures

I tried to document the update as good as possible to show you here. I thought this way you do not need to sit here like I did, jumping from one heart attack to the other (especially when it showed “updating the database).

The tricky thing is that it’s not showing anywhere first that you are doing an update to iLife 11. Once you added the DVD to your disk drive it will start installing. You can agree to the terms of use and just go ahead.

Once finished it asked for product registration. That part was a little tricky as Apple is asking for an ID I can wether find nor do I seem to have it on my computer, but you can also register later and that’s what I did because I wanted to see the update 😀

register ilife 11


register ilife 2

The first step, which let me hope that this could work out well – but still no word about “update to iLife 11”


You can close the window at this point. Then click on the apple on the left top corner of your computer screen and click software update.

Software Update on Mac OS


Checking for software update to iLife '11

You are nearly done – now it might take some time while Apple looks for updates. This program will find the iLife Suite you just installed. You can click install and ones finished –

launch iPhoto:

iPhoto update

Here I was really worried – if the database structure would be messed up it would have taken me hours to get all my 10,000 photos (yeah, I´m afraid I´m not kidding – but that´s from 2003 – 2011) back. But all went well! So just click upgrade here.

Upgrade iPhotoiPhoto database


update to iLife '11

So no worries here –  just make sure you have a backup – just if something goes wrong with your update to iLife ’11 you are on the save side.

Get your update to iLife 11 here.

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