April 26, 2018

Is The Update To iLife 11 Necessary? Have A Glimpse Inside!

iLife 11 – a glimple inside

There are new versions of nearly every software yearly. Sometimes you can’t even keep up with all the installations and once you are done wether nothing is working or you can go ahead and update to the improvements. No, I’m not an opponent of updating software I just love to see upfront what I get and if it will help me enough (e.g. improve my workflow) to spend money on it.

iLife 11 is such a case. There are some nice little improvements, a cleaner interface, and an all in all more stable installation. It is not really necessary but nice. If you plan to buy a new Mac Computer in near future you won’t need to buy the upgrade because you’ll have it integrated into the new Mac OS system anyway. iLife consists of different programs – iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and Garageband. They are perfectly connected with each other. But if you just need a piece of the program, it might be cheaper to check them out at the MacApp Store. For your convenience, I’ve added the links at the bottom to this post.

Here is a glimpse into iLife 11. It’s a nice software packet, not that many new features but really all you need for a good price.

Let me know what you think about iLife  11 – do you enjoy the update? Do you find it unnecessary?


iPhoto - Apple


iMovie - Apple


GarageBand - Apple

Due to the size of the projects iDVD isn’t separately available at the MacApp Store.

If you need more than two programs it is cheaper to buy the complete suite on Amazon

Buy iLife 11 on Amazon here.



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