April 23, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To OS X Mountain Lion

upgrade to os x mountain lionWith the debut of Apple’s newest operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, right around the corner, every Mac user is debating whether or not to purchase this upgrade. You will definitely have your early adopters, who always want the latest and greatest. They will certainly upgrade immediately. Then you have the wait and see guys who will wait for the reviews of the early adopters before deciding for themselves. Next come the stragglers who will take a few months or maybe a year to upgrade while the remainder will be those who decide to keep their current OS and with for the next incarnation of OS X. Well, whichever category you belong to, here’s some food for thought on why you need to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion.

The Price

Never has been upgrading to the next generation made more affordable. Traditionally buying the next generation operating system for your computer has been expensive. Well, in the case of OS X Mountain Lion, that is certainly not true. The upgrade from the Mac App Store only costs $19.99. That’s essentially the cost of dinner out at a restaurant. That is a steal for an operating system that is the caliber of Mountain Lion.


Older OS X Versions Are Being Phased Out

Statistics report that around 12% of current Mac Users are still using Leopard. The thing is, many of the newer and more exciting features are not available with Leopard. Aside from that, some third party applications such as Chrome won’t be doing any more updates to the version of their software that can run on Leopard. Many will be withdrawing support as well. So it does make sense to update. Apple has been giving away free upgrades to Snow Leopard for those using older versions of OS X. Primarily because it is the requirement for a Mountain Lion upgrade. That’s one barrier removed. One caveat though. You have visit the Apple website and check whether your Mac can handle the Mountain Lion upgrade.


The 200 New Features

OS X Mountain Lion is an entirely new version of OS X. It is not an interim or a soft upgrade the way Snow Leopard was. Mountain Lion is the genuine thing and is evident with the number of new features that it has. While some of the 200 features work in the background and are not noticeable to the everyday user, they do make life easier and much more convenient.  Some of the new features provide enhanced security, better productivity and improved performance. These are things that are certainly worth having.


Connectivity With Your Other Apple Devices

OS X Mountain Lion is a hybrid of the previous OS X and the iOS system that mobile devices have. With the introduction of new features like Messages, Notes, and Notification Center, you will have a more streamlined workflow if you use other Apple gadgets. The enhanced iCloud is nothing to sneeze at either


Enhanced Collaboration and Other Work Tools

Serious Mac users who consider their Macs as a workhouse will be overjoyed to find out that collaborating is made easier with some of the new features of OS X Mountain Lion. Screen Sharing will allow people to share screen while collaborating using Messages. Airplay Mirroring will also be a vital tool for presentations. Dictation will certainly make life easier for typists


With all these very valid reasons, it does make sense to upgrade to Mountain Lion.
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