April 20, 2018

Use Multiple Desktops on your Mac for less distraction

When working I personally hate distractions. Because I work at home it is even worse: you do not just need to eliminate the distractions around you from kids to the postman but also on your computer screen. Maybe you do not just have your work files on your computer but also your personal ones? Then you might come to a point where you just need to kill all distractions around you to work more effectively. Multiple Desktops is a great feature in Mac OS to help you focus more on your work.

Older Mac users might be familiar with the concept of Spaces, wherein there are four different sets of desktops and you can drag and organize your work into the desktops to lessen distraction. In OS X Lion, Spaces is no more and it has now been integrated into Mission Control with its multiple desktops.

Multiple Desktops in Mission Control

Multiple Desktops

To add a new desktop open up Mission Control, move the cursor over to the right hand portion of the window. Hover until a tab with the plus sign appears. Click the plus button and a new desktop will be created.

To distinguish between your desktops, why not change the desktop backgrounds so that each one reflects a different background and can easily be distinguished from the rest. To do that, make sure that your System Preferences is closed. Head to the desktop that you want to customized. Launch the System Preferences for that desktop, choose the Desktop preference pane and change the background. Close System Preferences again and repeat with the other desktops.

Multiple desktops are big help when you really need to focus on your work and try to eliminate distractions.

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