April 20, 2018

Use Your Photos As Your Screensaver for Mac

There are a lot of screensavers for Mac out there that you can download. You can select from hundreds of themes, from nature to whimsical to science fiction. But to make your screensaver for Mac quite unique and personalized, why not use your own photos stored in the hard drive of your Mac?

I personally like using my photos for my screensaver because it provides a welcome respite from working. It adds a smile to my face and takes me to the memory associated with the photo.

A word of warning though; if your office has strict rules about having personal files on work computers, it is prudent not to use this function. Sure you can temporarily deactivate it or add more time before the screensaver shows, but you might forget. It’s not professional to have your vacation photos pop up while in a meeting.

Custom Screensaver for Mac

If you use iPhoto, setting up an album as a screensaver is very easy because that connectivity is built in your screensaver preferences. You can either use one of the albums that you already have in iPhoto or to avoid any potential embarrassing photos, create a new album that has a selection of the photos that you want to see in your screensaver. Then launch System Preferences from the dock and select the Screensaver preference pane. Select your iPhoto album from the screensavers option and adjust the settings such as the display style and the length of time before the screensaver activates. You can see a test screen before you apply your settings.

For those who do not use iPhoto you can still do this. Simply create a folder with the photos that you want. When you open the Screensavers preference pane, click the + button on the lower left portion of the pane. Select add folder of photos and select that folder that you created as the destination folder.

Customize your screensaver for Mac and your computer will become a bit more personal.

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