April 26, 2018

iMovie – A Software To Create Your Own Personal Hollywood Movies

iMovie is for your personal Hollywood Movies

iMovie is a great piece of software for all who love to take movies with their digital videocamera.

iMovie iconiMovie imports movies from your camera, you can cut them and add different intros, slides, and effects – but you can even include pictures and add sound.


  • You can create movies in Hollywood style.
  • It has easy to use audio-editing features included for your handy use.
  • With just a click you add visual effects such as slow motion or a dream haze to single scenes.
  • With people finder you find all clips easily.
  • As a special you can turn your movie into broadcast news or sports segment.

This software is a nearly professional film editing software – at least all you need if you are a hobby- or semi professional movie creator.

Get iMovie as a single application from the MacApp Store
iMovie - Apple

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