April 21, 2018

iPhoto – The Multi Talent for your Pictures

iPhotoiPhoto – The Multi Talent for your Pictures

iPhoto is a program included in the iLife suite (which is already installed on each Mac computer) and helps you to import pictures from your digital camera, your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Also, it allows you to organize your pictures in galleries and events by date or theme, importance, face and many more features. Furthermore, you can add geographical information to each picture – if not already done by your camera or device. iPhoto recognized faces in your pictures automatically once you’ve taught the program who is who. You can also present your pictures in a slideshow or add them to a photo book which you can order over Apple. But iPhoto is also great for making cards and calendars and many more things.

iPhoto Features

  • full-screen views of faces, places, events, screens and albums
  • helps you to email photos with beautiful pre-designed templates to your family and friends
  • supports sharing in social media like Flickr and Facebook – it even shows the Facebook comments in iPhoto
  • creates beautiful letterpress cards with just the “right” look and feel

Even if you do not like image editing much – with iPhoto this happens fast and easy and makes you able to present your pictures wherever you like – from web to TV.

Get iPhoto as a single application from the Mac App Store here:

iPhoto - Apple

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