April 23, 2018

Where’s my Water for iPad (Review)

Disney created the lovable creature swampy in this super cute game Where’s my Water.  He is no Kermit the frog, but then neither are most things.  There is a free version of Where’s my Water, but unlike the shopping baskets in my local fishing pond, you may end up hooked.  Once you are addicted to the free Where’s my Water version, you will find it comes to an abrupt halt, at which point you can buy the very reasonably priced (unusual for Disney) full version, where you have access to all of Swampy’s adventures.

Where's my Water

Where’s my Water

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game is the moral pillow fight behind it all.  Within the game you are required to collect ducks, which is strange because crocodiles normally eat them.  They are in-fact rubber ducks that absorb water, and as it happens, Disney corp is using this app to raise the awareness of the importance of fresh water.  Disney is also allegedly donating a portion of their profits to freshwater conservation funds.

Where’s my Water – worth to get?

The game is good at challenging the brain with stimulating fun games and has a nice age range difficulty curve.  It’s not too easy for the older, and not too difficult for the younger.
At first “Where’s my Water” seems complicated, which made it difficult for me to place a recommended age range on it, however after reading the instructions and playing around with the controls it became easier to understand and easier to master.  The overall theme of the App seems to be educational whilst using cartoon characters to highlight the importance of looking after and conserving water.  The graphics are bright and vibrant, offering a great visual gaming experience.  The levels increase in difficulty at a very gradual pace.  One possible fault would have to be the complexity of the controls and possibly also the “aim” of the game.

Where's My Water? - Disney

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