April 21, 2018

Why You Should Buy The iPad 2 now

Why You Should Buy The iPad 2 nowIf you read TheMacMania for longer you already know that I’m a proud owner of Apple’s iPad 2. I got it as a christmas gift and I can hardly live without it anymore (kidding of course!). When I got it on Christmas I knew there would be a new, better iPad coming somewhere in Spring but I decided that it would be fine to have the iPad 2. Of course, I wanted it that time and didn’t want to wait any longer but another reason is that I couldn’t think of much Apple could improve with the new iPad 3. Of course they did – it would be bad business to tell you to buy the iPad 2 when there is already a new one released.

Do You Always Need To Buy The Newest iPad?

But what I’m thinking lately more and more often is – Do we really need always the newest gadget or is it maybe – under the one or other circumstances – worth to buy the older one?

A week ago we had a friend here who saw my iPad and was pretty busy for the rest of the evening 😀 – he simply couldn’t get enough from watching videos on YouTube, listening to world wide radio stations and learning how to check emails. He is an unexperienced computer user and he will never need it for anything business related – just for the fun.

When he asked me where and which iPad he should buy I checked online and figured that the iPad 2 was still available and for a much better price. He decided to buy the “old” version – without a Retina Display and with a less powerful processor. He won’t miss it as he will always be able to watch music videos and listen to music.

So if you are like my friend and don’t mind to save some bucks rather than investing in the newest gadget – look out for the bargains. The “old” devices – by no means with old technology as new versions come out quicker than you can blink with your eye – are usually available for a much better price.

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PS: Be sure to get what you need rather than what is newly released. You can always compare online which version is the best for you. You can find iPads here

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