April 23, 2018

X is for X-Ray for iPad (Review)

This app offers an x-ray view of twenty six ordinary every day objects.  The images act like objects, so that you can swipe and rotate them with just your fingertips.  You can also double tap to get a stereoscopic option.  You can also zoom in closer to see terrific detail.
The recommended age range is more for the pre-teens and under.  It is mildly interesting for adults to see the x-ray pictures of every day objects, but reviews claiming that you will be spellbound are taking it a little far.  Kids will find it far more fascinating, but until they invent an actual x-ray app, then teens and adults are going to find it a little lack-lustre.

X is for X-Ray

That is not to say that I would not recommend X is for X-Ray.  Granted that it is just a bunch of pictures that are easy to rotate, but it is not like anything you are going to see anywhere else.  The creators have gone to a lot of trouble to set up these shots and there are very few images like them on the web.  So do give it a go, but its probably better if you are buying it for your kids so that you can take a sly look over their shoulder when they play with it.
X is for X-Ray (iPad) - Touch Press

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